Earlier today the three health departments of Ashtabula County jointly adopted a stay-at-home advisory much like other counties throughout the state of Ohio have done. While it does not ban church services it does note that gathering together in any social event is inadvisable at this time. Three weeks ago Ashtabula County was at the bottom of the list for coronavirus incidence in a ranking of all of Ohio’s counties. This week we reached the top twenty.

The copy of the advisory posted by the Ashtabula City Health Department can be found here: PDF file

Online video services shall continue. Videos will be posted to the YouTube channel which allows the easiest viewing across the widest variety of platforms. Whether you are watching on a smartphone, computer, or television the YouTube platform presently provides the easiest means of access. Links back to the video will be posted to appropriate groups on Facebook and sharing of the video is encouraged.

The plate is not passed during online services like this. If you feel moved to support the effort then buy a fiction book I have written. With luck I will get the third story finished this month.