To quote Britney Spears: “Oops, I did it again…”

I attempted to upgrade my rolled-back Xubuntu 18.04 install to 19.10. That failed miserably. To add insult to injury I have not been able to get that recovered. The 19.10 install works provided you use the kernel from 18.04. That’s not tenable. Not being able to install anything else has me frustrated as well.

Fortunately I was able to get in and revoke the GnuPG key that was less than a month old that I generated on that install. My laptop dual-boots Windows 10 and Linux so I still have Windows 10 to fall back to with the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Unfortunately a dual-core kabylake 2.5 gigahertz machine with 8 gigabytes of RAM feels woefully underpowered for Windows these days. If I did not feel as uncomfortable turning off “Secure Boot” I would likely slap Tiny Core Linux on this machine since it is only 2 years old. The ncurses-favoring minimalist tendencies do come out at times, I fear.

I do think I would need Secure Boot disabled to try to install OpenBSD to this laptop. An installation attempt failed as multiple attempts to create installation media went wrong apparently. Something felt definitely wrong with the multiple mishaps as the laptop wouldn’t boot a Xubuntu ISO written to a pen drive either.

A paradigm shift back to a sort of “fog computing” may end up occurring. For now I am locked out of my VMs until I get something up and running again or getting PuTTY properly configured on Windows 10. Properly configuring Ubuntu 18.04 via WSL may also be required, I suppose.

AND ANOTHER THING: I happened to hear KCJJ 1630 AM while out driving tonight. They’re merely based in Iowa City, Iowa. Radio physics is fun!