The question I’ve ducked socially for almost two months has been rather simple: What now?

The correct answers to it have been absolutely nothing in terms of steady employment and lots and lots of time spent in therapy. When you leave a job due to a health scare you don’t immediately rebound from something like that. Considering that my now immediate past employer is rather odious in the minds of many thanks to its current CEO the job prospects are effectively rather dim to non-existent.

I’ve been keeping up with therapy. That’s meant having to go to the gym to spend time. That’s meant going to see the doctor as required. That’s also meant tuning out the apocalyptic craziness of the news and substituting instead The Archers as well as other programs. I’ve also been starting to look at what needs updating in Xubuntu documentation. I know there is at least one chapter I should be providing a rather significant amount of editing to.

Currently I had one short story rejected by an outlet as it didn’t fit their needs. Apparently it was too hard sci-fi in an age where that is becoming quite a niche. I’ve got a different one that I’m working on in a gitit wiki that I’ve gotten over the 1,500 word mark that I am still trying to get going towards at least the 7,500 word mark. I have not done much in terms of fiction writing in a while so that is a useful exercise right now after spending almost six years writing case report after case report. It appears that gitit is working better than I initially expected on the in-house on-premises server.

I am still preaching twice per month at a local nursing home. I think we’re heading into the fourth year of that now, actually. Thanks to the great tools in the package archive as well as LaTeX2e I am able to prepare worship handouts for use at every service. LaTeX wasn’t the best programming language to pick up while working for Uncle Sam but it has proved very useful over time. Coming from a Christian tradition where there are no bishops but rather editor/publishers the ability to readily handle publication layout while also readily producing textual exposition makes life exciting. Each handout gives credit to Xubuntu for being the Linux distro used in production so many, many elderly folks get an unusual bit of exposure to Linux at least twice per month. Currently the domestic mission work is performed gratis after support was provided on a limited basis by West Avenue Church of Christ to cover printing expenses.

Currently there is a Christmas wishlist that has been posted for the sake of amusing people. Coming back to the main question of What Now I can only say that I am working on projects under the aegis of Erie Looking Productions. There is, of course, Liberapay available to help support me getting back up writing fiction and non-fiction as well as PayPal for one-time contributions of support for the various types of works. An in-progress project is helping an auto shop get ready for a trade show and I’m putting together their booth audiovisual presentation systems to be able to exhibit.

I am ready for 2019 to end. For next year there are many hopeful possibilities.

UPDATE 2019-11-25 I will apparently be heading in for significant oral surgery next week Friday that will require sedation. The news of this only came to me earlier today. It ties back to the not immediately rebounding and I should be glad that this is moving forward. It also appears that restarting podcasting on my part may be delayed unless I stick to being just a staff writer while things play out from the surgery and the follow-up process that will take some time.