Currently we are waiting on some news to develop. This is dependent upon matters on Capitol Hill. Outcomes currently remain fairly uncertain.

At a certain point I end up having to consider if I have to look at raising my own income and leaving federal service. We are at a point at work now where I get to choose between either being pushed or jumping of my own accord. I am looking at an informal gathering of some colleagues on Saturday where we'll have to discuss this matter and its implications for all of us. With the groundwork being laid for a proper work plan to be executed I think I would be able to dust off to be put to proper use. Certainly edits could be made to if and when that becomes solely what I'm up to.

Work projects at Erie Looking Productions currently include finishing off the submission for the Dam Short Film Festival as well as the new work-in-progress that may go to another event such as MidWest WeirdFest or MicroMania Film Festival. A podcast resumption plan is still under development and that pace is frustratingly slow. Our production work at Erie Looking Productions runs on various flavors of Ubuntu (Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu) and uses free software such as ikiwiki, LaTeX, kino, audacity, VLC, libsox, cups, and more.

In terms of research and development we are still looking at issues such as the migration of Seth MacFarlane's The Orville to Hulu as recently announced while we also see outlets like Netflix facing new competition in addition to their stock taking a hit in value. Even AT&T was making waves recently in the streaming space posting concerning financial results. We're not quite sure what it all means yet other than it needs watching.

All in all, standing by means we still have to watch and wait. There will be more to come presumably.