The following statement is made in "the other place":

And now it is time for a May 2019 update!

We have made updates to our main website:

The short film project we have been discussing but have not fully gotten underway has been laid out further in a blog post here:

We are very happy to have our business account open with First Commonwealth Bank who you can find here:

The main blog where our Head Writer can be found is known as "Coyote Works" and can be found at

Copies of the working bibliography file where we keep citation notes can be found on Github here:

Podcasts that our Head Writer listens to that you might check out can be found here:

We haven't made any decisions about returning to podcast production yet. Currently there are multiple matters blocking such a move. If we do proceed with that, we may host the effort on "Coyote Works" or another domain. Stay tuned for updates.

Currently we are seeking capital investment and partners. We are also seeking a business manager to help move matters forward. There is much to grow and not enough time for the current crew to tend to making that growth happen.

More is planned for a great Summer 2019!

So ends the statement. Posting to Facebook is something that continues to be expected in the current economy. This blog should still come first, though.