I am not updating the running log of coronavirus numbers here today. Fox 8 News in Cleveland reported that the Ohio Department of Health has been having problems today. They posted incomplete numbers. After being four hours late they stopped at six and a half thousand cases, posted that, and advised that they still had several thousand cases left to verify.

Things are very much out of control now. If we have so many coronavirus cases that we cannot verify them in time to post the results then we have a problem. The other reason it seems likely numbers are excessively high is that Medina, Franklin, and Cuyahoga counties are now under stay-at-home advisories until mid-December in addition to the state-wide curfew that begins Thursday.

We are not at a statewide shutdown yet. Two of our urban population centers virtually executed one in all but name in their local areas, though. This is going to be shifting quickly it seems.