Figures are still not being reported correctly at the Ohio Department of Health. According to the gubernatorial press conference that actually happened on Thursday there are twelve thousand rapid tests that have not been verified yet. The state wants to ensure that they’re actually positive before throwing them into the results. That’s why this is posted a day later as I wanted to wait and see if the Ohio Department of Health caught up on their backlog. Unfortunately they did not.

The provisional counts for Ashtabula County are as follows:

  • November 18th — 1752 (+74)
  • November 19th — 1831 (+79)

These may be adjusted upwards although the backlogged tests may just be dumped into a single day’s numbers causing a huge spike. The majority of those rapid tests are apparently positive but they haven’t been verified. There is no indication as to where they fit into the mix.

The following counties were known to have issued stay-at-home advisories before 11:59 PM on Thursday:

  • Cuyahoga
  • Franklin
  • Medina
  • Montgomery
  • Summit
  • Lucas
  • Hamilton

Further updates later today after the 2 PM data dump by the state which should hopefully occur on time.