County-level numbers remain reportedly incomplete but new ones are up. Detailing what we have involves:

  • The cumulative case count for November 22nd is 2047
  • The cumulative case count for November 23rd is 2157 (+110)
  • The cumulative case count for November 24th is 2232 (+75)

These numbers are provisional due to the figures still missing. The missing figure are rapid tests. Those are done locally at State Road Occupational Medical Facility to the best of my knowledge. Once their positives get verified along with the rest of the state's positives we should see a steep jump upwards.

We are holding at twelve counties with stay-at-home advisories issued. Although the two counties it straddles (Butler and Warren) do not have advisories issued, the city of Middletown apparently has issued its own advisory to its residents. Apparently the suburb of Cincinnati did this on Monday.

During the gubernatorial press conference on Tuesday it was announced that due to the holiday on Thursday there would be no press conference that day. The data releases that would be made that day would instead be made on Wednesday. There will be no press conference on Wednesday. The question of whether or not Lake County hits purple on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System gets resolved in an unremarked data drop Wednesday it seems.