Where do I start? We are wrapping up May. Five months of 2020 are shortly going to be in the can. This year still has seven months of crazy in store.

In June I start monitoring Hurricane Watch Net which covers the Atlantic basin monitoring for ground truth data. Folks without appropriate operator licenses can listen in using Broadcastify when the net is active. The current cyclone season in the Atlantic has already been unusually active and we might see a third cyclone before the official start to the season on June 1st as the sea state analysis showed Thursday night. It does appear prudent to start monitoring at least NMG for radiofax charts since broadband is getting bad locally.

There is an EchoLink counterpart to the Hurricane Watch Net. I may check in on Saturday just to get a chance to contact WX4NHC. Getting set up on 30 meter APRS remains a goal.

Churches are having difficulties with COVID-19. I sat on a webinar Thursday with folks from CDC and learned very little. Apparently congregational singing is a bit iffy in terms of safety. In a Church of Christ setting taking congregational singing out of the mix makes for not much of a service at all.

In terms of crazy things I have noticed in the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network lately:

With all the push towards creating oral histories of the lockdown I recognize that I could create a typeset version of something. There are a couple ways to do so. If I wanted to create a hardbound book I would go with the suftesi class in LuaLaTeX in conjunction with the markdown package and then accept a collection of markdown-formatted submissions. Submitters would not need to know LaTeX to submit. I could edit submissions as appropriate and glom them together into a coherent whole for printing. In theory the markdown package could also be used with the novel class if I wanted to put things together in that form. It all depends upon motivation if I actually ended up doing anything. If I did anything it would likely be something about West Avenue Church of Christ with a view to getting it deposited at Disciples of Christ Historical Society.

You take a breath. Then you take another breath. The 100 is a show with many things to say. It really resonates in the current climate, I fear.