"We have many parts in one body, but the parts don’t all have the same function. In the same way, though there are many of us, we are one body in Christ, and individually we belong to each other." – Romans 12:4-5 (Common English Bible)

The infamous newsletter had the following written in it:

Currently out of 88 counties in Ohio my very strange county is 8th from the bottom in the league table for occurrence of COVID-19. Either we are not testing or our ridiculously low population density is acting to prevent spread. Nobody is quite sure in that regard. Reading the slides from Tuesday is likely profitable.

Counties far smaller than Ashtabula County in terms of land area as well as population have far higher incidence of coronavirus spread. We are at the lowest risk possible in the state for the eighth week running on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System tracker. People disbelieve coronavirus out here in major part as it is barely spreading except in congregate care settings where we've had two nursing homes hit extremely hard as well as the state prison.

With those prefatory remarks said I should explain what I need help with.

Hollywood is having quite a hard time trying to produce anything due to coronavirus outbreaks still happening. We have plenty of open space out here in Ashtabula County as well as a regional film commission based in Cleveland willing to back work in setting up production spaces. Setting up something akin to \"Made In Georgia\" or the like out here would provide some societal benefit.

The big problem is that that is something I cannot do alone. I don't have sufficient capital and also need other people to work with me on such an endeavor. There is not a local talent pool that I could dip into to make this work. The financial capital simply is not there.

I am not trying to simply make a remote Hollywood studio out of nothing. If I can set up something to produce online content that is even moderately or minimally successful then that would work nicely. Setting up a linear video on demand channel serving the community would be another heroic project to undertake with something like OpenBroadcaster but I would need a team to make that happen.

Hurricane Laura might make a great excuse for people to move out of Texas. There are plenty of possible refuges here at decent prices.

I should mention a bit about the infamous EB-5 immigrant investor visa. USCIS has a big page in the matter at https://www.uscis.gov/working-in-the-united-states/permanent-workers/eb-5-immigrant-investor-program. According to the Ohio Development Service Agency's files, Ashtabula County qualifies in its entirety as a rural county under the heading of \"targeted employment area\". That means that lowered investment amounts are permitted for people seeking EB-5 visa if they decided to investment here compared to investing in New York City. The minimum investment is only \$900,000 in United States Dollars which converts as of current spot rates to just over 680,000 pounds sterling, 1.3 million Australian dollars, roughly 1.2 million Canadian dollars, and 1.3 million New Zealand dollars. Clicking any of those links will give you up to date rates. In short, though, anybody from Commonwealth realms that wanted to act as reverse missionaries from Stone-Campbell settings would have some nice opportunities out here.

We have very little economic growth happening in Ashtabula County. When the Ashtabula County Commissioners gave out support grants this week from CARES Act dollars most of the money went to restaurants and lawn care companies. If I was able to get the help I think securing a large enough plot in the southern reaches of the county would give enough space to start production for something. Whether online content or traditional content there will be a need as new content starts drying up.

Reruns will start getting old once we start hitting winter. Even if it is a spoof of Big Chuck And Little John it would be something new. Somebody may well buy that to air. There seems to be a niche to exploit but I can't do this one alone.

With as screwed up as things have gotten thanks to lockdowns, protests, and worse the ability to go out and seek partners as well as help just isn't there like it once was. Going to a film festival would have been the way to have sought support in the past. There are no more in-person film festivals now, though. As a start I will at least get this blog post up and then move forward from it.