I had an opportunity to listen to a year-end wrap up in the most recent episode of Late Night Linux while at the gym. I encourage you, the reader, to listen to their summation. Mr. Ressington noted that an upcoming episode would deal with reviewing predictions for the year.

In light of that, I took a look back at the blog. In retrospect, I apparently did not make any predictions for 2019. The year for me was noted in When Standoffs Happen as starting with the longest shutdown of the federal government in the history of the USA. I wrote the linked post on Christmas Eve last year and had no clue I would end up working without pay for part of that 35 day crisis. After that crisis ended we wound up effectively moving from one further crisis to another at work until my sudden resignation at the start of October. The job was eating me alive. Blog posts would reflect that as time went by and a former Mastodon account would show my decline over time.

I’m not sure how to feel that my old slot apparently was not filled and people followed me in departing. Will the last one out of the Post of Duty turn out the lights?

As to what happened during my year a significant chunk is a story that can’t be told. That was the job. Significant bits of life in the past year for me are scattered across case files that I hope to never, ever see again that are held by multiple agencies. It most simply can be explained in this piece of Inspirobot.me output: “Believe in chaos. Prepare for tears.”

Frankly, I don’t think anybody could have seen the events of my 2019 coming. For three quarters of the year I was not acting but rather reacting as were most people around me. I’ve been trying to turn things around but that has been slow going. I’ve thankfully gotten back to doing some contributions in different Ubuntu community areas. I had missed doing that and the job-related restrictions I had been working under kept me away for too long. Apparently I’ve been present on AskUbuntu longer than I had thought, for example.

In short, depending on your perspective 2019 was either a great year of growth or a nightmare you’re thankful to escape. Normally you don’t want to live life on the nightmare side all that much. I look forward to 2020 as a time to rebuild and make things better.

All that being said I should roll onwards to predictions. My predictions for 2020 include:

  • There will be a “scorched earth” presidential campaign in the United States without a clear winner.
  • The 20.04 LTS will reach new records for downloads and installations across all flavours.
  • Ubuntu Core will become flight-qualified to run a lunar lander robot. It won’t be an American robot, though.
  • One of the flavours will have a proof of concept installable desktop image where everything is a snap. Redditors will not rejoice, though.
  • The Ubuntu Podcast goes on a brief hiatus in favor of further episodes of 8 Bit Versus.
  • I will finish the hard sci-fi story I am working on and get it in order to submit somewhere
  • Erie Looking Productions will pick up an additional paying client
  • There will be a safe design for a Raspberry Pi 4 laptop and I will switch to that as a “daily driver”

And now for non sequitur theater…for those seeking a movie to watch between Christmas and New Year’s Eve due to the paucity of good television programming I recommend Invasion of the Neptune Men which can be found on the Internet Archive. The version there is not the version covered by Mystery Science Theater 3000, though. Other films to watch from the archives, especially if you’re still reeling in shock from the horror that is the film version of Cats, can be found by visiting https://archive.org/details/moviesandfilms.