Yes, I am looking at developing a short film. This would be a documentary. In the partial working draft of the script, I have written:

The Internet, at its core, has many assumptions. It assumes that connections will not be disrupted. It assumes a constant supply of electricity. Lately it assumes constant uptime and a lack of disruption.

Have we made something fragile that we depend on too much? Can we engineer around this in a world where maintaining infrastructure is seen increasingly as less than necessary? Where will we stand if we have a significant lose of Internet operations?

There are no models for this yet. There need to be.

The film is expected to look at one incident in the Pacific from earlier this year. It will be based off news coverage that primarily originated from Radio New Zealand. Sometimes stories from smaller parts of this planet we share highlight problems that can escalate and cause problems for us all.

I unsure if this will be the acme of consideration of the situation. Actual production output will have to be created before I finally get to upload to FilmFreeway. There are many festivals to try to submit a short film for consideration. The specific special target is the Dam Short Film Festival but other opportunities will be considered.

I intend to have other efforts beyond this project. This is intended, though, to be a major work during 2019. However this may generate commercial leads to further the business.

One thing that is easily forgotten is that this platform allows for podcasting of a sort. That may factor into film-making. Time will tell if I can manage that.

The current tasks list includes:

  • Finish scripting
  • Storyboard
  • Find a narrator
  • Select visuals
  • Find a good shooting location
  • Get legal assistance to clear matters up
  • Conduct filming
  • Edit the film down to something running ten minutes or less
  • Submit to festivals

There is still much to do.