When looking over the stats that YouTube keeps for the various videos posted lately there were some unexpected trends. I was not expecting videos primarily to be watched on mobile devices. The vast bulk of viewing actually takes place in the following ways:

  1. Using an Apple iOS device (i.e. iPhone or iPad)
  2. Using an Android device (i.e. Android smartphone, Android-based e-reader, Android-based tablet, etc.)
  3. Using a Windows-based computer

That's certainly a wee bit uncomfortable for watching any program of any length! It also helps explain why people are flipping away from the filmed services after five to eight minutes watching. It is understandably hard to stare at a mobile device for that long.

There are better ways to watch television-style programs on something better built to handle such. Most consumer televisions sold in the past couple years are considered "smart" devices and have YouTube access in them or other ways of accessing the Internet. There is a guide online written by somebody else on how to start to start a program on your mobile device on YouTube and transfer it up to your television to watch if it has necessary smarts built into it. If it is a television or monitor that has an HDMI port but no built-in smarts there are things out there like a Roku device starting around $30 to let you do roughly the same thing.

Filmed services will definitely continue as general circumstances aren't improving. Governor Mike DeWine had asked for prayers for one of the county commissioners of Scioto County on Monday. That county commissioner passed away today. While his fight is over many others have to bravely continue onward.