The current version of the website is made using MkDocs while the immediately previous version was made using LaTeXML. Both of these are design decisions that are likely to be seen as counter-intuitive. When you look at a directory of static site generators you end up seeing a small spot of bother.

There are a very, very large number static site generators out there. The home page for Erie Looking Productions does not need to be overly complicated. At this point I do not need to incorporate a billing back-end. I do not need to incorporate an ordering front-end. Providing a listing of services and contact details is sufficient. The previous LaTeX-based site was very rooted in a paper-based world of black text on a white background. In shifting to the new generator I add a slight amount of color to the site. I still need to adjust the favicon to something a bit more appropriate. Then again, the book is good for now.

The proliferation of static site generators is problematic. We don’t have a core sufficiently documented and many people just roll their own. It might be axiomatic that people will roll their own generator considering that Website Meta Language has origins dating back to 2001. For selecting a generator I ended up looking for the simplest tool to accomplish the job. There are plenty of exceedingly complicated tools that have features I will likely never use.

As the Terms of Service have started to drift again at Google I ended up removing any mention of an e-mail address. I’ll stick with using Telegram and Skype contact methods, for now. The landscape is changing pretty quickly for contact methods.

I do hope this version of the site persists for a while.