“You don't have to win every fight. You don't have to fight every fight. But you DO have to stand for something.” — US Senator Ted Cruz

In no particular order:

  • Lockdown continues. Technically it will intensify as of April 6th. The next review point is May 1st. May 1st is not a termination point for this.
  • Tech-wise my laptop is falling down the curve further to total failure. I’ve got everything I can migrated off it. While it is somewhat usable for the moment the USB chassis is seemingly toast. I can hook up a stick, try to copy data to it, and get intermittent errors that increase the longer the laptop is running. The fans also run up to maximum quite a bit more easily at the moment. If anybody can procure me a pi-top 3 I can slap a Raspberry Pi 3B+ into it and have a working replacement until the end of the crisis.
  • The media scene is imploding. Gannet is closing newspapers in both their print and online formats. Lee Enterprises is closing newspapers in both their print and online formats. Beasley Broadcasting is staffing radio stations at a skeletal level. Entercom is staffing radio stations at a skeletal level preparatory to throwing some on automation. There is an “all podcast” format launched by iHeartMedia which is essentially complete automation which they did to one of their stations in Erie. Prior to COVID-19 iHeart already did a massive round of cuts and reductions moving stations in several markets nation-wide to skeletal staffing. Radio stations are closing in several markets if not owned by one of the medium to large conglomerates. Every TV station that has their newscast dispersed with most if not all anchors at home is likely canning technical staff that they might not ever hire back. Traditional news media is going to die if this stretches on all that much longer as advertising revenue is going to crater.
  • The movie known as Alpha Gateway in the STIRR on-demand Sci-Fi selection needs nomination for handling by RiffTrax. It wasn’t bad but is an Australian take on Sliders.
  • If you aren’t watching STIRR, why not?
  • Although Erie Looking Productions was apparently eligible to apply for bailout funds under the CARES Act I am saying no to that. There are ways to proceed and that isn’t it.
  • A goal this week is to build a mount adapter to be able to put my smartphone on a tripod. We are going to try to film something for Easter. Watching church services from Central Christian Church in Henderson just isn’t the same.
  • The Pawmunkey action is delayed.
  • The Red & White Thunderbirds action is delayed.
  • Broadband keeps crashing here to where telehealth has difficulty functioning. That will have consequences.