In no particular order:

  • Drive-in church happened. There were logistics mishaps. That was expected. Unless there is a radical change in the state’s stance over the next few days we’ll be doing things the same way on May 10th.
  • The mass media infrastructure is not healthy in our country. FOX is turning into just celebrity watch parties. One of the big four television networks has devolved into Twitch right before our eyes.
  • It would be a neat idea to look into starting a combo drive-in theater/single screen indoor theater in Ashtabula County. At the rate we are going on keeping businesses closed we will need to start something new. There is plenty of excess commercial real estate but is any of it fit for purpose?
  • Apparently meat shortages are starting. What a stupid time to be alive.
  • I need to start writing a story. There needs to be a continuation of the space force story with the moon base and all. I can add to the todo list, it seems.
  • I need beefier hardware for video editing. I never really wanted to go into doing video. Unfortunately Erie Looking Productions has to adapt to the current bizarre market.
  • Staying just a print and audio shop seems to not be in the cards at this time…