As written in a couple other places besides this:

To note it here, I was placed in non-duty non-pay status (a.k.a furlough) as of 12:01 AM on December 22nd, 2018. This was due to the Partial Government Shutdown caused by the lapse in appropriations for my employing agency. I may be moved to a non-pay on-duty status if this drags on but that’s the unpredictable future.

For now, I am available for paid short-term work as long as it is not against the interests of the United States or otherwise violate certain narrow restrictions.

Yes, I do have one more paycheck coming on December 31, 2018. That would cover the bi-weekly pay period of December 10th through December 21st. After that paycheck on New Year's Eve, there isn't anything coming in financially.

Contact and arrangements for making payments for any small scale projects can be handled via Liberapay at If you don't want to proceed that route and would rather just use PayPal, contact me via Launchpad by first visiting and then visit after we've arranged matters. There are perhaps some short-range gigs I may be able to accomplish remotely to round out the year. Documentation projects would be great even if they were small dollar, little matters.

The back-channel discussion among my fellow crew from my operating site has mixed predictions as to how long this is going to last. The pool has a wide range of dates. Nobody thinks the appropriations crisis will be resolved on December 27th, though.

Have a Merry Christmas and let us all hope for an even better New Year.