This will be added to the blog file. It may be a while until it actually gets to the server, though. Sometimes household infrastructure can defeat me.

The cable modem in the house is dead. Yes, the equipment we lease from Charter Spectrum is not functional after I pushed the WPS button for the first time to try to hook up a separate piece of recalcitrant equipment. I’m frankly baffled by this.

What sticks in my craw is that there won’t be a technician available until Monday. Since I have to travel to Cleveland on Monday on very important business, I have to postpone the technician’s visit to that afternoon based upon their available times. This does not amuse me.

HughesNet is an insanely expensive option. Then again, I would be getting equivalent throughput! I cannot justify the cost right now to pay more than half of my monthly mortgage payment for such satellite Internet service. There are no competing providers in the community as local DSL provider Windstream has trundled off to bankruptcy seeking a major restructuring of its business. There are no “Wireless ISP” vendors in the area and the closest Internet Exchange Point is roughly 80 miles away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The amount of expensive backhaul that that would require would make going into business with my own WISP an impractical proposition. As you might expect, I review that option every so often.

I still have a sermon to write. Fortunately the working printer in the house can still be addressed by USB cable. Fortunately I use LaTeX2e in a local software installation rather than relying on something cloud-based. Fortunately I have lots and lots of actual books on-hand. I can survive this.