November is the time when there is the creative writing project known as NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write a fifty thousand word creative fiction piece in one month. In many ways it gives people a chance to let their imaginations unfurl stories that are bunched up in confined spaces.

In England and elsewhere November is also a time of lockdown presently. My morning weekday newspaper USA TODAY provides plenty of updates from across my country and across the planet in the matter with one report after another. The fatigue is quite real.

Alongside what we are doing during the Hirsute Hippo cycle I do suggest folks take the time to create works of fiction. Sticking to routine can be good in many ways but it can also drive you nuts. It is okay to feel like this is the darkest timeline. Pulling yourself out of that and taking positive steps forward is something we can all attempt to do, though.

I will suggest writing in CommonMark and keeping your formatting to a minimum in your original manuscript. Why? You could then most easily go from then after some editing of the text and format it for Kindle Direct Publishing, LeanPub, Smashwords, or another outlet. With some careful tinkering with the CommonMark and some nice use of LuaLaTeX you can even make a ready copy to make a print version for the various marketplaces.

Every development cycle we tell the story of Ubuntu and its various flavours. With this year being such a challenged year on so many fronts perhaps we all have additional stories to tell. Who will write the novel, novella, or novelette (said lengths being defined by the Nebula Awards in word counts) that will speak to our Ubuntu realm? I imagine those stories exist and with as exciting as this year has been some of us could have creative releases to start 2021 with perhaps.

No special tools are required. As to an editor I will say that I used Visual Studio Code to write the last novelette. Nothing fancy or sophisticated is required if you stick to CommonMark.

Good Luck & Good Hunting.