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Remembering Planning

Wed Jun 9 00:42:00 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

The month has started off with some big surprises for me. For the low price equal to roughly 34 Beta Edition PinePhones or roughly 72 Raspberry Pi 400 units I wound up having to pay to get my home’s central heating and cooling system replaced. It has been a few days of disruption since the unit failed which combined with the rather hot weather has made my home not quite fit for habitation.

Things like that help me appreciate events like the Fastly outage on Tuesday morning. A glitch in that content delivery network provider damaged the presences of quite a number of sites. While it was a brief event that happened while I was asleep it was apparently jarring to many people.

Both happenings point out that resilience is a journey rather than a concrete endpoint. How easily can you bounce back from the unexpected? If you operate an online service do you even have a plan for when something goes horribly wrong?

Fortunately when the central air unit at home ceased functioning we were able to stay with family while I tracked down a contractor to do an assessment which then turned into a replacement job. Fastly had a contingency plan that it executed to keep the incident down to less than an hour. Whether you are running a massive service or just a small shared server for friends you need to have some notion of what you intend to do when disaster strikes.

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