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Say What Now?

Thu May 20 17:11:18 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

I generally try to keep posts brief lately. Rather than a bulleted list I will try to say what I can in a different format. It might be a bit more approachable.

I do have some amd64 hardware revived and it is running Xubuntu Impish Indri. It is very early on so it is not as if there has been any opportunity for anything to go wrong. I will have to come up with something wild or crazy to push limits this cycle in terms of testing that box, I suppose.

The election campaign is slowly but surely starting. I am extremely hesitant about proceeding with it considering the current atmosphere. There have been many, many unseemly things happening with the political party nationally that frankly just creep me out. Some days they creep me out to the point of considering dropping out of the race and going back to herding goats or maybe alpacas once again.

The county I live in just hit the very top of the league table for coronavirus incidence in the state. Out of Ohio’s 88 counties it appears that Ashtabula County is now the number one county for coronavirus cases as of the report that came out today from the Ohio Department of Health. This explains what had seemed like an odd statement in a newspaper report from the local health department that they were strongly recommending continuing to wear masks locally notwithstanding the rest of the state relaxing wearing masks. As of today’s data cut-off my county is over five percentage points behind the state average in terms of having delivered first vaccine shots to residents. Sometimes having access to data is not always the happiest thing to have.

The third novella is stuck with the second reader. They said they have feedback but they’re still not done reading it. I’ve started moving things ahead to get it up on Amazon but still have finishing touches to do before the typeset manuscript goes up. The novel package on CTAN is a fabulous tool for doing such things in LaTeX in addition to using VSCode. Visual Studio Code isn’t Scrivener but it works well for me.

In the end I can acknowledge that I have been offline quite a bit. That’s probably why the mess with freenode took me by surprise. There have just been many face to face things that have required direct attention. That I am having to increasingly do things that are radio-related is something I did not expect when the year began.


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