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The Result Of The Interim Blog Reset

Keeping It Brief

Tue May 11 00:31:20 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

In no particular order:

  • I’ve been doing some junkbox surgery to resuscitate an amd64 desktop. It will be running Xubuntu and should be running Impish Indri if I ever get the USB stick written to do the install. Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of this monster I created, I think.
  • It was snowing here on Saturday. I had a bounceback function in one application show me some pictures I took a year ago and apparently it was snowing here then too.
  • I do need to get set up to be able to receive and decode radiofax transmissions made on the published schedules.
  • There has been some monumental scrollback that I have been encountering in Telegram. I do eventually get through reading it. There’s just a bunch of change happening and I can’t be all that present online. Some of what is happening is quite unexpected. All I can do is improvise, adapt, and overcome.
  • The next step in typesetting is trying to figure out what I am not getting right in usage of the bookcover package from CTAN.

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The Big Reset To Zero

Thu Mar 4 00:07:51 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

You might be curious as to exactly what happened and where all the previous blog content disappeared to. There is an explanation. It is not an easy or simple one, though.

The popular conception of an election campaign in the United States is that it revolves heavily around scheming strategists, deals cut in smoke-filled backrooms, and carefully measured soundbites for consumption by the media. The first day of campaigning for me wound up revolving around getting compliance paperwork completed without really any help. As reported by The Star Beacon, the Ashtabula County Board of Elections approved my nominating petition Tuesday to appear on the May primary ballot to be a member of city council in my ward. I am unopposed in my party’s primary so I automatically move on to the General Election in November. The identity of my challenger from the other party will be determined in the May primaries and independent candidates have until August to file.

I really did not plan to be doing this at all. At the very last minute I was requested to file to run and I agreed to the request. The report in The Star Beacon as to the council’s membership experiencing a bit of turnover due to incumbents choosing to not seek re-election gives a little background as to what got me involved in this matter.

This is not an opportunity to try to evangelize the use of Linux in public administration, unfortunately. The issues in this particular ward are a bit more fundamental than anything computer-related. To quote from the Appalachian Regional Commission’s website: “Accordingly, the Commission designates as ‘distressed areas,’ those census tracts in at-risk and transitional counties that have a median family income no greater than 67 percent of the U.S. average and a poverty rate 150 percent of the U.S. average or greater.” This ward’s territory is made entirely from census tracts in the county that are designated “distressed areas”. Keeping the roads in a better condition current than they are as well as trying to stabilize the budget would be issues requiring progress before any talk of Linux in government could come up.

If it seems like I am drifting away on community commitments that would be due to having to deal with local matters. I don’t get the privilege of a campaign staff beyond a treasurer. There is quite a bit of ground to cover over roughly eight months until the General Election on November 2nd. There won’t be any shaking hands let alone kissing babies this week as I have still more compliance paperwork to plow through.

Due to Ohio’s “electioneering communications” rules and my not wanting to have to review the backlog of posts on the prior ikiwiki instance I am proceeding with this reset. This blog is not going to turn into a discourse upon Terrahawks or even the Mysterons. Content may get narrower in focus for a while. That may result in further discussion of the newspaper project or even discussion of making man pages with LaTeX.

We’ll see what happens. Ever Onward!

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