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Mid-June Miscellany

Tue Jun 22 00:16:19 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

In no particular order:

  • I managed to survive scheduling and hosting a media event as a rookie politician. The article about the event came out okay.
  • The third novella is finally up on Amazon.
    • Through the use of \markdownInput tags via the markdown CTAN package I was able to make a shell in LaTeX using the novel class. Individual sections to the novella were written in separate files in markdown which the markdown package then transmuted into LaTeX code to make a novel. Why do this? In this way I could then concatenate the various individual pieces of markdown to make a file to import into Amazon’s infernal Kindle Create software. I need to make this more smoothly automated for the next work to be released.
    • The stories are now grouped under a series title. That has implications such as totally changing where I may go in writing.
    • Groundwork for the fourth story is already being worked on.
  • Only one big crash for whoopsie to catch so far while running Impish Indri on amd64 hardware. So far, so good.
    • That happened primarily with tumblerd, it appears.
    • I am still trying to figure out why cubicsdr refuses to open even though I do have the SDR dongle plugged into the machine.
  • Outside trying to get some software-defined radio things working during the Impish cycle my contributions will likely be light.
    • Campaigning is pretty much started with the election being the first Tuesday in November 2021.
    • Odd reports indicate something strange is potentially happening in August so contingency preparations are in progress.
  • Not much is said about the Ohio Cyber Reserve except for its active duty call-up back in February. Persons connected to Ubuntu in Ohio probably should get in touch with the Adjutant General’s department to see about joining. The Ohio Cyber Reserve is a volunteer civilian auxilliary to help respond when local governments have cybersecurity problems as well as aid in developing the state’s cybersecurity workforce. Think of it like Civil Air Patrol but with regards to cybersecurity instead of aviation.

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Starting May 2021

Sun May 2 00:54:45 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

In no particular order:

  • I will be working the primary/special election on Tuesday.

    • Staffing this election with enough pollworkers is apparently quite difficult. We’re not even running questions in all the precincts in the county this round. This makes me wonder how the off-year municipal general election in November may go as to pollworker staffing in a few months.

    • We’re engaging in a test this election by not utilizing electronic pollbooks. We will be returning to pen and paper. This is billed as a cost-saving experiment. It may prove interesting.

  • I’ve got my Raspberry Pi 4 upgraded to 21.04. So far I am liking what I am encountering. Since this is a production machine I am not willing to shift it to testing Impish Indri. My laptop provides Ubuntu via WSL so that remains 20.04.

  • The CDC/ATSDR Social Vulnerability Index is something I have been spending time looking at lately. It provides a county by county comparison of how rough life can be. With respect to the county where I reside here in Ohio the Covid Act Now site provides a further break down of CDC’s metrics that show my area as very highly vulnerable socially. Compared to our neighboring counties we might as well be on another planet.

  • That I am looking at Greenstone Digital Library again might explain why I am trying to explore some options for resuscitating non-armhf desktop hardware to be run headless. Having an in-house server would be easier to handle than trying to slap it on a virtual private server somewhere.

  • Quite a bit of time is being spent off-line visiting our local parks to take the family chihuahua on adventures. You wouldn’t expect to find so many homeless encampments in the parks, though. With the statewide burn ban in effect I’ve reported encampments to park management but I haven’t seen any impact from reporting. Apparently there are some very nice, very cozy camping sites in the Ashtabula River gulf.

  • I am quite thankful for the work of the release team and all the devs who brought out yet another great release.

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