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Where My Projects Stand Now

Thu Mar 4 09:38:34 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

The campaign is apparently real now that I have made it to the second day. It still doesn’t feel that way. This is a breakdown of where my projects are and how they are likely to be impacted. In no particular order:

  • Sean mentioned that Xubuntu documentation updates are in need of help. I did help with updating the text but getting the new text converted into acceptable DocBook source takes time as well as patience. I encourage people to look at trying that hand with DocBook.
  • Any community-related works on my part within the Ubuntu context are scrapped at the moment. Apologies have already been given.
  • Development of the newspaper project will continue though commits to that repo may be on pause while inquiries are made of hardware dealers.
  • The set of currently monitored podcasts should like still be maintained.
  • The third novelette that I have been writing to eventually release via Kindle Direct Publishing is on indefinite hold. It is not necessarily impacted by the campaign but rather by the sense of unease I still have after the events of January 6th. That things did not end then continues to bother me. There are rumors of further unrest reported by NBC News and Vox. My draft story looks positively romantic yet fanciful compared to the very strange world we are in right now in the United States.

I may have other projects in play that I cannot recall that may get neglected in the days ahead. I apologize in advance for any difficulties that may be caused.

Thursday’s big matter of campaign-related stuff? No, it won’t involve actually meeting with potential constituents or anything else that might be “fun”. Today is finance paperwork day as well as responding to the League of Women Voters for their candidate guide. I don’t remember doing this much paperwork when I was a civil servant even.

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