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Wrapping Up June 2021

Wed Jun 30 00:28:37 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

In no particular order:

  • My author copies of the third novella have shown up finally. I am pleased with how they turned out. The next item is likely to go in a different direction. It may build off a tabletop exercie scenario potentially. We’ll see what happens.
  • My laptop did not pass the test for Windows 11 upgrade readiness. I don’t think I have anything that meets the bar for that. While I need to have at least one foot in the Windows world due to the various bits of proprietary Windows-only software mandated by the state government upon local governments I don’t have to like the situation.
  • Use of an SDR dongle is a bit rougher at my home than I would have thought. The local environment is very challenging when it comes to electrical smog.

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