And With That...

In no particular order:

  • The President has been impeached once again. I doubt he'll be convicted. Charges rarely stick to that man.
  • Protestors outside the capitol did not cause new trouble today. That was a good thing.
  • Having finished Sea Patrol, I can say that it was a nice show. The American networks need to import shows from Australia if this mess with the coronavirus keeps running.
  • A riscv64 variant of the BeagleBoard single board computers has been announced. It will be some time before I can pick up one. Being able to build RISC-V chips in the United States would help "Made In America" initiatives.
  • Governor Mike DeWine called up a short battalion of Ohio National Guard troopers and airmen to handle possible problems when it comes to the inauguration. Out of the 580 called up we will be sending 200 to DC and the rest will stay in Ohio as the reaction force.
  • Life is getting weird already in 2021…
In Brief

In no particular order:

  • I don't think anybody reads this blog.
  • The YouTube channel still receives sermon videos.
  • The Common English Bible is awesome to use for preparing sermon videos.
  • The third story still needs work and keeps getting longer.
  • I find it incredible that Congress is worrying about UFOs now.
  • Only the United States Postal Service has the superpower of losing a mail piece that it sent from one of its own offices! I continue to wait on a stamps by mail order.
Start of Year: 2021

In no particular order:

  • The new year began without a civil emergency locally. After all that has happened lately that is a bit of a relief.

  • The garage studio is developing a bit of a moisture problem. The video cameras that we have for filming online church services don't work well with such high levels of moisture. Efforts are in progress to break down the studio and move it inside the house. Where exactly this will all be set up and how it will function is frankly beyond me at the moment.

  • Editing on the third story continues. The second reader has had a chance to look at it. Apparently the ending is a wee bit abrupt, there are some story gaps, and I apparently left some plot development off-stage. More writing will be done. Some folks out there use dedicated writing programs geared towards authors but I am using Visual Studio Code and the novel package on CTAN as well as the markdown package on CTAN.

  • People forget that the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network has packages covering the use of different types of markup within LaTeX apparently.

  • As much as I would prefer to avoid the matter it looks like I have to consider relocating at some point in 2021. That's something for another time and place, though.

  • I am getting subscription fatigue. I recognize that Substack is apparently the greatest thing since sliced bread nowadays. The cost of a monthly subscription to one newsletter is the same as the cost to get home delivery of USA TODAY. You get a wee bit more content in a weekday newspaper delivered to your front door compared to a niche e-mail newsletter. As to why I canceled my subscription to USA TODAY, that related directly to the failures of the newspaper delivery person rather than any deficiency on the part of the content itself. I prefer newsprint over digital editions anyhow.

  • Have I ever mentioned that Windows Subsystem for Linux is awesome when you're not allowed to install Xubuntu alongside Windows or in lieu of Windows? Working within operational confines does get interesting…

Second Half Update For December 2020

In no particular order:

  • Contribution efforts on my part are held back due to other matters requiring attention. I know LP Bug #1905548 needs attention. This is just the time of year when not much gets accomplished usually anyhow.

  • Like many at churches across the United States I have not ever had a desire to emulate Kenneth Copeland or other televangelists. What do you call it when it is either not prudent or not possible for a church to meet in-person which results in services having to be streamed online? Outside an outlet like EWTN it would certainly seem like having to engage in televangelism of a sort after all. Various open source pieces of software have been used as I end up producing things in the garage. Those results are presently posted to YouTube based upon surveying the served audience and what online services they utilize. It is not as if I am operating a numbers station.

  • Using Ubuntu via the Windows Subsystem for Linux has been exciting. It makes having to use a Windows 10 laptop quite bearable.

  • The website of Erie Looking Productions is offline as I am trying to figure out where I want to move its hosting to. I want to start distributing hosting of my sites across different providers. The number of odd crashes Google services had the past couple months just have me twitchy.

  • It does seem like alternative education is going to be a big driver in 2021 perhaps.

  • The other odd thing to watch in 2021 is possibly going to be riscv64, I think. If somebody comes up with a mass market laptop with performance somewhat exceeding that of a Raspberry Pi 400 but on a riscv64 base I think I will be quite interested in buying.

A Brief Note On More Easily Watching Filmed Services

When looking over the stats that YouTube keeps for the various videos posted lately there were some unexpected trends. I was not expecting videos primarily to be watched on mobile devices. The vast bulk of viewing actually takes place in the following ways:

  1. Using an Apple iOS device (i.e. iPhone or iPad)
  2. Using an Android device (i.e. Android smartphone, Android-based e-reader, Android-based tablet, etc.)
  3. Using a Windows-based computer

That's certainly a wee bit uncomfortable for watching any program of any length! It also helps explain why people are flipping away from the filmed services after five to eight minutes watching. It is understandably hard to stare at a mobile device for that long.

There are better ways to watch television-style programs on something better built to handle such. Most consumer televisions sold in the past couple years are considered "smart" devices and have YouTube access in them or other ways of accessing the Internet. There is a guide online written by somebody else on how to start to start a program on your mobile device on YouTube and transfer it up to your television to watch if it has necessary smarts built into it. If it is a television or monitor that has an HDMI port but no built-in smarts there are things out there like a Roku device starting around $30 to let you do roughly the same thing.

Filmed services will definitely continue as general circumstances aren't improving. Governor Mike DeWine had asked for prayers for one of the county commissioners of Scioto County on Monday. That county commissioner passed away today. While his fight is over many others have to bravely continue onward.

Coronavirus Update For December 2, 2020

There was no press conference today.

  • The cumulative case count for December 1st was 2630
  • The cumulative case count for December 2nd is 2692 (+62)

Our hospitalizations continue to climb in the county at a rather disturbing rate.

Coronavirus Update For December 1, 2020

There was no press conference today.

  • The cumulative case count for November 30th was 2573
  • The cumulative case count for December 1st is 2630 (+57)

The processing backlog may get dropped and all those tests may get dumped into the state's stats in one drop. That may create a data wobble.

Our hospitalizations continue to climb in the county.

Coronavirus Update For November 30, 2020

Thus ends November?

  • The cumulative case count for November 28th was 2473
  • The cumulative case count for November 29th was 2515 (+42)
  • The cumulative case count for November 30th is 2573 (+58)

Data keeps getting updated from the backlog. There are data issues in terms of speeed in processing updates.

Cumulative gain for November happens to be +1717. That results in an average of 57 new cases reported per day.

Coronavirus Update For November 28, 2020

One days of data was reported today.

  • The cumulative case count for November 27th is 2404
  • The cumulative case count for November 28th is 2473 (+69)

This gives us for the entirety of the week a gain in Ashtabula County of +492 or a reported average of +70.3. Presently the smoothed numbers "per 100,000" show Ashtabula County's incidence numbers as being on par with Cuyahoga County's. That's kinda bad. The chart showed incidence in Lake County as being 2nd out of 88 counties.

Coronavirus Update For November 27, 2020

Two days of data was reported today.

  • The cumulative case count for November 25th was 2283
  • The cumulative case count for November 27th is 2404 (+121)

That is from a holiday period so it is likely to be on the low side. So far this week we have posted a gain of +423. Starting with the 15th and moving forward we have posted a gain of +907.

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