About This Effort

The Ashtabula area lacks its own broadcast television station serving the entire county. There are limited cablecast efforts in the cities of Conneaut and Ashtabula to provide some television programs. This is an attempt at providing programming accessible to the entire county without a subscription to a monopoly cable television service.

We have an entire page dedicated to how you can enjoy this service on your computer, phone, tablet, and television. The directions there should get you started in terms of making use of this. There is no single way to enjoy these programs so take advantage of the many opportunities available.

Currently there is no advertising in our programming. This work is not a tax-deductible effort but contributions are accepted to help fuel our growth. Contact Erie Looking Productions for further details or utilize PayPal to directly contribute. Even a single greenback helps us move things forward.

This site remains an experimental offering with an erratic posting schedule that we are trying to get hammered out.