Night Club Boom

Nov 22, 2022

A sociological look at night clubs

Discovering American Folk Music

Oct 25, 2022

An academic film about folk music

Super Mario Bros. (NES) - 0:05:00 - Andrew Gardikis

Sep 20, 2022

A look at how the original Super Mario Brother console game is beaten in just five minutes.

Your Roadmap to the Internet via the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Sep 18, 2022

A very 1990s look at the Internet courtesy the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Buster Keaton in Cops

Sep 6, 2022

The year was 1922. Buster Keaton was a major star of films like this.


Jul 18, 2022

In this short from right after World War II we learn about despotism.

Soviet Union: Changing Times

Jul 11, 2022

An academic/cultural film looking at the Soviet Union shortly before its collapse. Look and learn from this as we face treacherous times in the United States of America.

Spinning Levers

Jul 10, 2022

This short film by the Jam Handy Organization released during the Great Depression provides some educational material about levers, car transmissions, and how that all works for us.

Dead Right

Jun 26, 2022

The Prelinger Archives brings us an amazing film from the infamous director Sid Davis about traffic safety.

MacBreak 64: Apple TV

Jun 25, 2022

A glimpse into the past from 2007 looking at what the Apple TV was like when it was new.

War of the Robots

Jun 22, 2022

More spaghetti sci-fi from the director of Ator and War of the Planets


Jun 21, 2022

A training film about making training flms

Partial Operations Resumption

Jun 19, 2022

As the war drags on in Ukraine we bring a partial resumption of operations along with a new video. This is a training film from World War II about radio maintenance.

Reference Point: Amateur Radio in the 21st Century

Jun 19, 2022

From KMVT we get a Public Access Television interview about ham radio in the United States in the 21st Century.

Service Suspension

Mar 18, 2022

Due to the burdens of attempting to both mitigate the fallout of cyber operations from the Russia-Ukraine conflict as well as continue with updates to this service, we have chosen to suspend this service so that we can continue with handling security matters. Too many strange things have been happening online and we need to continue our efforts in hardening systems. The expected restoration of this service is post-conflict, we hope.

Let's Share With Others

Feb 28, 2022

A kid-centered pitch for fair play and thoughtfulness.

The Manster

Feb 11, 2022

This is a creature feature mentioned in passing during the pre-roll trailers in the most recent edition of The Mads Are Back.

More Dangerous Than Dynamite

Feb 10, 2022

This is the unriffed original of this film. RiffTrax and The Mads both did send-ups of it.

The Yesterday Machine

Feb 9, 2022

Lots and lots of exposition with a barely plausible time machine filmed out in 1960s Dallas.

Trail of the Rocket

Feb 8, 2022

General Motors made a short film to promote a car engine. What could go wrong?

The Mighty Columbia River

Feb 8, 2022

Coronet Films…takes a look at the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.


Feb 5, 2022

Adventuring bravely into the realm of economics, we take a look at how some 1940s high school students might explain capitalism.

Abbreviated Easter 2020 Service

Feb 4, 2022

How did we celebrate Easter during lockdown? Let us look back at how one religious type did that here in Ashtabula back in 2020.

The Selling Wizard

Feb 3, 2022

A quirky film short taking an obscure look at a narrow slice of industry.

A Case of Spring Fever

Feb 2, 2022

An evil old-timey demon torments a man

Last Clear Chance

Feb 1, 2022

This is a film about railroad safety in terms of automobile accidents.