The Odd Blog


Heading Into A Holiday

In no particular order:

  • Thursday was a travel day that involved me visiting sites in Cuyahoga and Lake counties.
  • Erie Looking Productions now has a pass-through HDMI capture device on-hand which may well help with creating instructional content.
  • Mom's birthday is today. I got her a large print Common English Bible hardcover as a birthday present.
  • I am working on finalizing some production ideas as we head towards the third quarter of the year.
  • A feeling of being lost in the waves is developing again.

The Hot Zone

A more complete picture will CDC count dash but presently Ashtabula County is one of two Ohio counties running high on CDC's new metrics for coronavirus spread. The risk is pretty high here. I'll be curious as to Ohio wastewater levels tomorrow too.

Starting Releasing

It seems that I have this stabilized and can get it up and running. It will be a challenge to keep all the plates spinning. I like the format and the software. We'll see what erupts, I suppose.

Where The Wild Things Are Not

In no particular order:

  • Statehouse redistricting failed yet again here in Ohio. This was expected.
  • I have joined a dating app. It accuses me of being Canadian in my worldview. I'm not sure what to do with this.
  • Even though there was a power outage in Geneva on Sunday we still managed to stream services at church. Not all of it made it online.
  • The church's Twitter account is increasingly a better place to catch its live streams in place of YouTube, oddly enough.
  • I survived being back in the pulpit preaching.
  • Much remains on hold at the moment in life yet again.

The Disappearance of ELP TV

For the time being the previous online television effort known as ELP TV is on ice. The git repository that it was run out of remains intact. It may resume some day but today is not that day.

Magical Onion

Well, this was supposed to have been made an Onion Service rather than a regular web site. I didn't want to end up dealing with getting another domain name. After we finished spending a few weeks watching Stitchers I was figuring sticking something on the "dark web" alone would be worth a laugh at this point. With all the mess in Russia with a newspaper even resorting to making a samizdat edition to beat censorship it seems like a free and open web is on shaky ground.

Other thoughts as to alternatives for electronic communications should occur. Use of NNCP and UUCP probably should be planned for the future...

And we're back

Am I going to regret resuming blogging? I don't know.

We shall see.

Dangerous Days

The seven day case count per one hundred thousand for Ashtabula County now exceeds 300. We are entering dangerous trends again. Hopefully we eventually get this under control.